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Bcc: is a monthly digital art subscription curated by Decoy Magazine.

By subscribing to Bcc: you will receive a newly commissioned artwork to your inbox each month, in the form of a small digital file. These digital artworks are released exclusively to subscribers. The works have never been exhibited before, will only be released once, and will not be presented anywhere else for one year. The majority of the subscription fees will go directly into the pockets of artists, so, the more subscribers we have, the more we can pay artists for their work.


By clicking Subscribe, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Each month’s subscription fee goes towards commissioning a new artwork from prominent and emerging digital artists working in such forms as sound, video, jpgs, gifs, code, ASCII, interactive media, text art. This project is more than a mailing list, it is an act of collective patronage and support for a generation of digital artists.


Upcoming Artist 


December 2017

Jeremy Bailey, image courtesy the artist.

      Jeremy Bailey


Jeremy Bailey is a Toronto-based self-proclaimed Famous New Media Artist. "Since the early noughties Bailey has ploughed a compelling, and often hilarious, road through the various developments of digital communications technologies."(Morgan Quaintance, Rhizome.)  His work has been shown widely including recent solo and group exhibitions at Whitechapel Gallery in London, Transmediale in Berlin, Mediamatic in Amsterdam and Museums Quartier in Vienna. Recent commissions include projects for FACT in Liverpool, Turner Contemporary in Margate UK, The New Museum in New York and Carroll Fletcher in London. Bailey is represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto. 

Artist's Website

January 2018

Yoshi Sodeoka, image courtesy the artist.

      Yoshi Sodeoka

Yoshi Sodeoka is an artist based in New York for over two decades, whose work is characterised by his neo-psychedelic aesthetic and exploration of multiple media and platforms. Primarily comprising of video, GIFs and print his practice also simultaneously inhabits the world of fine art, music, publications, and advertising.

Artist's Website

Past Artists 


Philip Huang

Li Alin

Donato Mancini, Whales, Candlelight and Stuff Like That, performance, 2012.

      Donato Mancini


Donato Mancini makes visual and procedural poetry, bookworks, and visual art. His books and chapbooks include Snowline (Eth/Punctum 2015), Loitersack (New Star 2014), Buffet World (New Star 2011), Fact ‘N’ Value (Fillip 2011), Hell Passport no.22 (Perro Verlag 2008), Æthel (New Star 2007), 58 Free Coffees (Western Front 2006), and Ligatures (New Star 2005). Notable exhibitions of Mancini’s visual artworks have included exhibitions through Artspeak, Western Front, Gallery Atsui, Malaspina Printmaker’s Society, and CSA. He performed with Gabriel Saloman in their noisepoetry/noisecomedy/noisemusic ensemble in the 2013 LIVE! Biennale of performance art, and as part of Concrete Scores at Open Space. Mancini’s published critical writing includes work on the archive, time, and memory in Anamnesia: Unforgetting (VIVO Media Arts 2011), and a discourse analysis of poetry reviews in You Must Work Harder to Write Poetry of Excellence (BookThug 2012). His current book, Same Diff (Talonbooks 2017), meets at the intersection of poetry, contemporary art, documentary cinema and social history. He holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of British Columbia. Currently he is the 2017 Writer-in-Residence at the University of Windsor. From 2018-2020 he will be a post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MA.

Nick Montfort

      Nick Montfort


Nick Montfort studies creative computing and develops computational art and poetry. Working at the intersection of digital media and literature, Montfort has presented, done readings, had screenings, or exhibited his work in the United States, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, and more. Nick Montfort's computer-generated books of poetry include #!, the collaboration 2×6,Autopia, and The Truelist, forthcoming from Counterpath in the new Using Electricity series that he is editing. Among his more than fifty digital projects are the collaborations The Deletionist, Sea and Spar Between, and Renderings. He has five books out from the MIT Press. He is professor of digital media at MIT and lives in New York and Boston.

Sarah Davachi, photo by Alex Waber

Annie Briard, Any Day Now, public art billboard curated by Back Gallery Project, Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver, 2015

      Annie Briard


Annie Briard’s practice challenges visual perception through video, photography and installation. Her inspiration is drawn from strange encounters with the visible and a desire to survey these with others. Her work has been presented in solo exhibitions across Canada and group shows, events and festivals internationally, including at Back Gallery Project, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Capture Photography Festival, VIVO (Vancouver), Joyce Yahouda Gallery (Montreal), Three Shadows Photography Centre (Beijing), the Lincoln Film Centre New York, Matadero Madrid, and the Switzerland Architecture Museum (Basel), among others. She is currently working on a video project for the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Burrard Arts Foundation and is artist in residence at the AC Institute in New York City with support from the BC Arts Council. She holds a BFA from Concordia University, and a Master's from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where she currently teaches. Her work is represented by Back Gallery Project in Vancouver.  Artist's website

      Sarah Davachi


As a composer of electronic and electroacoustic music, Sarah Davachi's compositional projects are primarily concerned with disclosing the antiquated instruments and forgotten sonics of a bygone era in analog synthesis, with concurrent treatment of acoustic sources – particularly organ, piano, strings, and woodwinds – often involving de-familiarization through processing.  Her work considers the experience of enveloped sonic dwelling, utilizing extended durations and simple harmonic structures that emphasize variations in overtone complexity and psychoacoustic artefacts.  She holds a master's degree in electronic music and recording media from Mills College in Oakland, California and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.  Recent touring has taken her across the globe, with appearances in Europe and Australia in the summer of 2017 and continued touring in Europe, Mexico, and Japan in late 2017.

Alexandra Spence, Live at Destroy Vancouver XVI. Courtesy the Artist.

      Alexandra Spence


Alexandra Spence is a sound artist / musician from Sydney, Australia. She works within the fields of audiovisual installation, music composition, and improvised performance. Alex is interested in the idea of listening as an active practice. She is inspired by the idea of ‘collaborating’ with one’s environment, understanding the relationships between the listener, sound, and the surrounding environment to be a kind of communion or conversation. Her work favours subtlety, quietude and unusual sound sources.


Alex has performed and presented work in concerts, festivals, symposiums and galleries in Australia, Canada, and Europe, and is a recent graduate of the MFA Interdisciplinary Arts program at Simon Fraser University, CA.

Artist's website

Sydney Southam, Victoria, Production still, 2017. Courtesy the Artist.

      Sydney Southam


Sydney Southam is a filmmaker, performance artist, and professional pole dancer. She often works with archival 16mm film, exploring themes of nostalgia, death, memory, and identity. Her current work explores the backstage and domestic lives of exotic dancers and how their private and professional lives are defined through ideas of Feminism, objectification, power, and love. Sydney is one of the founding members of Vancouver-based Iris Film Collective, and the curator of the potluck dinner and artist talk series Special Sunday Supper. Her films and artwork have shown across Canada, Europe and Asia, notably at MOCA Taipei and Gabriel Rolt Galerie (Amsterdam). She graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA Fine Art First Class Honours in 2011.

Artist's website // Instagram

      Rodell Warner


Rodell Warner (1986, Trinidad and Tobago) works with animation and photography. He has exhibited in Kingston, Johannesburg, London, New York, Washington and Oranjestad. Rodell was a recipient of the 2011 Commonwealth Connections International Arts Residency and was artist in residence at New Local Space (NLS) in Kingston, Jamaica in 2014. Most recently, Rodell was commissioned to create Davidoff Art Initiative’s Limited Edition for 2017.


Artist's Website

Family and Friends # 4, 2017. Animation by Rodell Warner, Photo by Gerald Warner

      Li Alin


Since 1996, LI ALIN presents art works questioning evolution strategies and human reproduction. She is co-founder and co-director of Real Art Estate (RAE She studied contemporary art at Paris VIII (France), communications at UQAM (Canada) and staging at the Superior School of Art and Design in Karlsruhe (Germany).

Among her projects - a notorious internet sperm bank Eugenie sponsored by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris, the provocative sperm distribution Weisser Markt in the Zoologischer Stadtgarten Karlsruhe, installations created with Cecile Martin during MUTEK 2014, Royal Mustang presented at La Chapelle, and more.


Artist's Website

      Renick Bell


Dr. Renick Bell is a computer musician, programmer, and teacher based in Tokyo, Japan. His current research interests are live coding, improvisation, and algorithmic art using open source software. He is the author of Conductive, a library for live coding in the Haskell programming language. He performs internationally (frequently at algoraves), and has released music on the labels UIQ, Quantum Natives, Tsuku Boshi, Deep Space Objects, and the3rd2nd. He has releases forthcoming on Halcyon Veil and Beatgatherers. He teaches programming at the International College of Liberal Arts at Yamanashi Gakuin University. He is a graduate of the doctoral program at Tama Art University in Tokyo. Originally from West Texas and previously lived in New York City (1999-2001) and Taipei, Taiwan (2001-2006).


Artist's Website // Press

Renick Bell. Courtesy the Artist

      Lorna Mills


Canadian artist, Lorna Mills has actively exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions since the early 1990's, both in Canada and Internationally. Her practice has included obsessive Ilfochrome printing, obsessive painting, obsessive super 8 film & video, and obsessive on-line animated GIFs incorporated into restrained off-line installation work. Recent exhibitions include “Abrupt Diplomat” at the Marshal McLuhan Salon for Transmediale, “At Play in the Fields of the Lord” at Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn NY, “Transfer Download” at the Current Museum, NY and currently, “Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905-2016” at the Whitney Museum, NY.  Lorna Mills is represented by Transfer Gallery in Brooklyn, New York and DAM Gallery in Berlin.


Website // Press

Lorna Mills, Mt. Imagination, 2015.

      Jonathan Monaghan


Jonathan Monaghan (born 1986, New York) works with animation, prints and sculpture. His works are dreamlike explorations of fear and desire in the digital age, critically examining issues surrounding wealth, consumerism, authority and technology. His work has been exhibited at The Sundance Film Festival, The Minneapolis Institute of Art and The

Hirshhorn Museum. His work has been featured in several media outlets including The Washington Post, VICE, The Wall Street Journal and The Village Voice. Monaghan is represented by bitforms gallery in New York and Galerie 22,48m2 in Paris.


Artist's Website

Sundance Video Interview 

Disco Beast, 2016. Jonathan Monaghan

      Philip Huang


Philip Huang is a performance and video artist, a YouTube persona, LGBT activist and writer currently based in Berkeley, CA. Huang is  the founder of the Home Theater Festival, a participatory project inviting artists to perform from their homes rather than being a part of the institutionalized theatre model. The project has now become an international movement with artists performing in their living rooms across US and Europe. He is also the author of Pornography of Grief, a collection of short stories on sex, grief and death that gained him international recognition.

Writings -
Video - Lunar Homosexual Agenda (2010) Performative intervention in the protest by the Westboro Baptist Church

Image courtesy Philip Huang

Anthony Discenza, Exhibition Study 001, 2016

Anthony Discenza

Anthony Discenza is a multimedia artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His artistic practice is centered around the exploration of hybridity and fragmentation of digital content and imagery available online. Discenza works in a wide range of media including text, video, and sound. 


His work has been presented at The Getty Center, SFMOMA, The Whitney Biennial, The Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, Ballroom Marfa, The Pacific Film Archive, The Australian Center for the Moving Image, and more. His work is included in the permanent collection of the Video Databank of Chicago and SFMOMA.


Artist's Website   //    Press

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