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Bcc: was our monthly, curated digital art subscription from 2016 - 2019

By subscribing to Bcc: our subscribers received a newly commissioned artwork to their inboxes each month, in the form of a small digital file or web-based work. These digital artworks were released exclusively to subscribers and had never been exhibited before. The majority of the subscription fees went directly into the pockets of artists. The commissioned artists worked with such forms as sound, video, jpgs, gifs, code, interactive media, and text art. The project was more than a mailing list; it was an act of collective patronage and support for a generation of digital artists.

Recent Artists 



Jana Irmert

Jana Irmert is a composer, audiovisual artist and sound designer based in Berlin. Her practice involves live performance, multichannel composition, experimental film work and music and sound design for film and stage productions. Her work often relates to temporality and impermanence, alienation and the ecological crisis. She creates atmospheric audiovisual and sonic spaces "that work with dis/harmony in such a way as to mirror our imperfect world at the moment." (TJ Norris, Toneshift).

Jana Irmert has released two albums on Fabrique Records which received critical praise from various music blogs and magazines and have been internationally broadcast on RAI 3, Resonance FM and BBC Radio 3. Recent collaborations have included projects with Jóhann Jóhannsson, Klaus Maria Brandauer and Christopher Chaplin. She has received the German Documentary Film Music Award 2019.


Santa France

Santa France is a Latvian digital artist born in 1993. After graduating from Liepaja University with a bachelor’s degree in new media arts, her artistic practice has been focused on exploring the potential of 3D software and using it to create web collages, videos, animated .GIF images and digital illustrations. Her work is mainly influenced by internet culture – the self-reflection, nostalgia and solitude that’s associated with learning, creating and publishing your work online.


Brady Marks

Brady Marks is an artist working primarily in audiovisual practices, new media and kinect art or physical computing. Thematically her work engages critically with fallibility and promise of technology, perspectives of place – virtual, actual and ecological & narratives of knowledge and understanding in science. Brady is concerned with how living beings live our lives in the face of technological encroachment, to that end she experiments with media configurations that express a middle way between technological fetishism and dystopian fantasies. Along this way she takes her audiences behind the curtain, provides tools for technological play, educates and explores hypothetical new relationships for us with our tech. This is was she means when she calls herself a Cultural Prototyper.


From left to right, Eric Lamontagne, Mark Timmings and Brady Marks make a twenty-four-hour, five-channel field recording of the Saturna Island wetland, April 25–27, 2016


Dave Biddle

Dave Biddle (being me) is an artist and theorist (being conspiracy theorist) who works with video and performance to excavate potential truths (being infinite). Dave Biddle (being me) is interested in the fact that "something" being unknown is less common these days than "it" being known, which is why he (being me) examines (being through media) the possibility of transforming the known world (being just about everything these days) into the unknown world (being open to the possibility of conspiracies etc.). Dave Biddle (being the artist) was born in Vancouver (being the traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations) and continues to live in that (being this) blessed place to consider the lilies in the field (being being). 

Dave Biddle, Simu_Feel™ - We Take Care of Humans, video, GlogauAIR Berlin, 2018

 Past Artists 

2016 - 2018

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